Saturday, December 26, 2009

YakTrax: The best traction devices for your feet!

Are you tired of slipping and falling on the packed snow or ice this winter?  Do you have elderly friends or family that have fallen on the packed snow and ice? Then you know the cost of not having traction devices!

YakTrax traction devices offer 360 degrees of traction. The coiled spring steel is wrapped around tough provides traction that is unrivaled by any other traction devices! YakTrax are the perfect solution for anyone walking, hiking, jogging, or working on packed snow and ice. Their fans span everyone from the elderly gathering their mail from the mailbox, to mail carriers, to Winter Olympics employees, to workers working in Antarctic, Ice Hockey Trainers, or anyone else who does not want to fall on the packed snow and ice!  View the list of happy users!

There are 2 different models. The Walker model is lighter duty than the Pro model. The Walker model is designed for those who walk on the snow and ice. The Pro model is designed for those who work and are otherwise very active on snow and ice. Another good reason to purchase the Pro models is to prevent them from slipping off your footwear. Visit YakTrax's website to learn more about their uses, features, and the difference between the Pro and Walker models and then come back here and purchase your very own pair (or pairs) of YakTrax!

YakTrax Walker Sizes

YakTrax Pro Sizes

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